Monday, January 11, 2010

H is for...

Hands! Today we traced Pnut's hands (we tried tracing Monkey's, but he's too squirmy!) and I cut them out while my helpers put all the scraps in the garbage can. Then Pnut and Monkey painted the hands purple and red. Some of the hands we put in a rectangular tupperware and threw in some glass beads covered in paint, put on the lid and shook. The hands are drying now while the kids nap & then we'll glue them on our "H". Here are some pictures of the kids painting and Pnut (ahem, Abby Cadabby) shaking.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

P is for...

...Puppy dog! Pnut made a puppy dog P today. I gave her the cut out letter, she used a Q-tip dipped in glue to put the black spots, ears, tail, and tongue on. The eyes were pre-stuck. We did talk about where body parts should go (eyes on top, tail on the bottom, etc...), but she pretty much managed to get them where they belonged.

After that we did some dot painting and used our new crayola animal stampers that Monkey got for Christmas from my friend Angela's family. They had a great time, but let me tell you- art projects with a 1 AND a 2 year old are a lot like playing whack-a-mole sometimes. I turned away from him for a second to help her and I look back- Monkey has the blue dot paint stick in his mouth. And no, this stuff apparently doesn't wash off easily. Nice. I think he managed to do more painting on his body than on his paper. C'est la vie!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Laughter Lives Tuesday

I've been doing some blog research & came across the MckLinky site- great stuff for the blog by Brent Riggs. Anyway, on his personal family blog he has a feature called "Laughter Lives Tuesday" where you post a funny story so everyone can have a good laugh. I know that today isn't Tuesday, but since I linked my blog on there to practice, I have to share a story.

Funny stuff happens around here all the time, but yesterday I happened to have the camera close at hand. I was helping Pnut get dressed up as Abby Cadabby in the living room and Monkey comes walking out of the playroom, fully dressed, with his diaper stuck to his pajama bottoms. He's 1, so I know he didn't get his pants off & back on by himself. As far as I could see while he was in there, he was in there playing with the Little People. Somehow he managed to get his diaper off and out the leg of his pants. I have to say, he was QUITE pleased with his little achievement & ran away from me squealing when I tried to catch him to put another diaper on him. Apparently our playroom isn't just for playing with toys! Boys!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Learning to Live Dangerously

Lesson #1- let your child eat chocolate pudding with no bib. I hadn't really even noticed he didn't have a bib on until Jimmy pointed that fact out to me. Ha! Nothing like working without a net! Spray & Wash is supposed to be a "laundry additive", isn't it?