Saturday, September 11, 2010

Numb Butt and Other Sunday at 2 am Thoughts....

For anyone out there (and I'm sure that doesn't include those of you that actually read my blog!) who thinks teachers have it easy because we have our "summers off"- my butt is completely numb from sitting here for hours working on my work blog for the week.  I haven't even made a dent on the 3 sticky notes worth of other stuff that I need to do for work this weekend, never mind the laundry sitting in the washing machine downstairs and other assorted & sundry household chores that are being ignored.  On the upside, pretty soon our toilets and shower will be a great science experiment for my 2 kids at home- observe what happens to a __________ (insert offending item here) when it doesn't get cleaned for _________ (insert # of days). 

So, since I've spent several hours on the blog I have to do & none on the blog I want to do, you might as well have a look-sy at what I've been up to.  If any of your kids are between 4-7, you may find something on there that you can use! 

The Kinder Camp Chronicle

On a home note- here is what happens when your 3 year old comes up to you & says, "I want to make a tree mommy."  You put down your stuff you "need" to do, think fast, start pulling out construction paper and glue, and spend the next 1 1/2 hours watching your 2 kids rip paper to their hearts' content to make apple trees. 
We also worked on the letter L a few weeks ago and made these cute Lions and Love (hearts)/Lollipop painted Ls (let your kid dip the lollipop in paint & paint with it- the paint doesn't show up great on black paper- sorry!)  Be sure to have an extra lollipop for them to EAT after!