Friday, June 19, 2009

Sand & Vomit

Yep, it's 2 pm and that's been my day so far! Had the kids all ready to head out the door by 9 am for a walk & then to play at the playground (because the later you wait in the day here in ATL, the more like Hades it becomes- hot, hot, hot!) when I discovered one of the dogs had broken into the playroom and vomited all over the place. I didn't mention that in my initial post. Dogs vomit. I'm usually the one that discovers it & get the joy of cleaning it. The best part is that our playroom is covered in these big soft puzzle pieces, so they too had to be washed. I ended up deciding that all 60-some of them needed a "spring cleaning" (yes, I know it's summer!) and pulled them all up. Washed the ones with vomit, threw the rest out on the front porch & away we went (an hour later). What were the kids doing during all this? I threw them in their chairs at the kitchen table while I was performing this triage and gave them some cheerios & daddy's apple jacks for entertainment. Mom 'O the Year!

Walk went great- exercise for me. Peanut walked about 1/2 the way, stayed on the sidewalk & was a good listener. Lots of stopping to admire trees & tell me they were "mommy, daddy, Peanut, or baby" trees. Played at the playground with our sand toys- had a wonderful time making towers and moats and tunnels. Then it happened. Peanut had a shovelful of sand and quickly turned- throwing sand right into my face...and wouldn't you know it, my eye happened to be wide open right at that moment. A whole new kind of pain for those of you who haven't had the pleasure of having this experience yet. I wear contacts & I believe you've probably never seen anyone rip one out of their eye so fast. Stuck it in my mouth (how else was I supposed to get the sand off?) and proceeded to sit there & let the tears "wash" the sand out of my eye while keeping my good eye open & on the kids to make sure Monkey wasn't eating rocks and Peanut wasn't walking in front of any swings. Finally got that sucker back in my eye (no other option- I'm so blind without them the eye doctor likes to joke when he takes off my glasses, "Find the wall! Ha, ha, ha!!") Continued on with fun at the playground, but I will be much more aware (read: paranoid) when we are playing in the sand in the future. Maybe I'll wear ski goggles for those outings. Hmmmm...

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